Mahou Shounen FIGHT!

A magical boy high school comedy for LGBT+ teens.

Mike Smith is a happily average teenager who is dragged into a life of magic, spirits, rat/pastry hybrids, B&Es, a vague, ill-defined mission to protect the earth, scar-faced kittens, fabulous outfits, and a new group of friends who range from weird to weirder. Mike likes comic books, but he never wanted to be in one.


No Roads (2017)

A fantasy buddy road-trip story with a queer twist.

AWOL sailor, Kona, and fugitive slave, Iri, are two new friends on the run together, searching for Iri’s missing family while doing their best to evade the agents of the Surveyors, those mysterious powers who have kept the sky cities operating at the cost of Iri’s (and the other fire-breathers’) welfare and freedom.


Seeds (Coming Fall 2016)

A short comic for plant lovers and introverts.

Plants are better than people. They don’t bully or talk down to you, and they’re good listeners. And when no one understands you, plants will always be there— to offer beauty, companionship, and maybe just a little revenge.