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Look, I’m Actually Updating This!

We haven’t found any more scorpions or milipedes in the house lately, but I did find an adorable little wolf spider in the garden when we were helping the parents dig out a planter box. This is just my humble opinion, but I think furry spiders are waaay cuter than spiders with smooth carapaces. Have you SEEN that photo of a tiny jumping spider with a drop of water on its head? Super cute. Anyway, here’s something else that’s cute. Boyfriends~ Noone in particular, just felt like drawing something romantic. They don’t even have names! (mostly because when I name something, if I’m not careful I will spend literally hours researching name meanings, ahaha…)

New Site is Alive

I just finished a recent move (well, aside from the months of unpacking, hanging pictures, arranging furniture, etc ahead of me) to the Placerville area of California. It is definitely the most ‘country’ I have ever lived in before, but I’m looking forward to the fresh perspective! The air is delicious here, and there are wild turkeys all over the place. My dog doesn’t know what to do with himself, but he certainly seems to enjoy getting filthy much faster than he did in the suburbs, haha. Within the first couple of days of begin here, I rescued 3 millipedes and 4 spiders from my house, and an adolescent fawn whose head was stuck in a fence. I also have a quality pair of cowboy boots for tromping around the property, so I’m well on my way to fitting in out here. Did I mention the half-mile drive on a dirt road to get to the place? I just imagine I’m on the Indiana Jones Adventure ride and it’s almost fun.

Anyway, that’s the latest update from me. Since this site is brand new, the whole thing is worth exploring. Thanks a MILLION to my better half who did the WordPress coding because that stuff is, frankly, beyond me! A couple things are still in progress but will be getting updated soon and with fair frequency as I make progress on them. Check out the “Projects” tab to see what I’m currently working on— eventually there will be links there too.

Here’s to the start of something great. [Insert champagne glass clink here].

First blog!

Welcome to the first blog entry! Here’s where I test to make sure everything’s working okay and make my partner in crime troubleshoot anything that isn’t. My goal here will be to write in this blog at least twice a month, with various sketches and updates of my situation, etc. This was the first— on to the next!