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I’m at SDCC!

I’m here at San Diego Comic Con 2016 with my partner in crime, Dusty Jack. We’re at Prism Comics, booth #2144! It’s just behind Sideshow Collectables, across the dining area from Entertainment Earth. There’s so many amazing LGBT+ comics and creators, I’m totally humbled by the company I’m keeping here. The GOOD NEWS is that we have our 200+ page comic for sale! It’s the first volume of Mahou Shounen FIGHT! and it was already getting good reception on preview night, so fingers crossed for even more books moved tomorrow. We also have plushes of Teacup, the the cute animal mascot of the story. So if you like kittens with horribly scarred faces, this one’s for you.

I also brought a sketchbook I threw together recently that’s all queer elves. Yep. That’s it. Just sketches of cute elves being gay and schmoopy.



New Stuff!

Updated the portfolio page with some t-shirt and typography design! Give it a look see~!

In case you couldn’t tell, I’ve kiiinda on a D&D kick lately. It’ssofuntho. I just want to draw all the elves all the time. The drow cleric is my character and the others are some of my teammates. 🙂 I had so many fun conversations about D&D at my table at Denver Comic Con and Anime Expo this year and took some commissions for people’s D&D characters! It was a lot of fun. Here’s a couple of ’em!